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Platformer made for PIGSquad June 2019 Summer Slow Jams. Made by Andrew Luke (Music), Evan Astrue (Sprites), Alan Van Duinen (Environment Design), and Nathan Jesudason (Programming). The game is occult themed, where the player goes through a town overtaken by Lovecraftian monsters and cult members who summon them.

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Tentacles.zip 26 MB


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Hi Nathan and others! I like your game, but I think there was some fine tuning that could've been done with the wall jump mechanics. Also a little work with the UI goes a long way rather than just using the standard unity sprites. I'm also starting to do little blogs of indie games that deserve some attention and feedback so that we can all learn from each other and grow as developers. It has more critiques than I'll put on this comment which you can read if you want. Sorry if it seems harsh.

Don't stop devving and thanks for the game! :)

link in the comment is wrong. use this one https://www.michaelprobst.org/indiereview

It was fun! Made you a lil video: 

Fun short platformer and the eye is brutal!!